Wikipedia in education – taking stock


We take stock of the use of Wikipedia in education at the international level and share our own experiences in the field.

Format: Presentation

Wikipedia is not only a mainstream source of information, but also an open educational resource and a collaborative online community. It is an educational tool used and edited by students, teachers, scholars and families. At an international level, a growing number of universities and schools are collaborating with Wikipedia and more recently also with Wikidata to improve the content and to foster digital skills and active engagement among students.
We take stock of the various ways Wikipedia and Wikidata are used in educational settings and share our firsthand experience in the field. Coming from different backgrounds, we provide a complementary view on the topic by combining analytical elements with the sharing of 10 years of personal experience in using Wikipedia in education.

Iolanda Pensa, SUPSI
Beat Estermann, BFH
Luca Botturi, SUPSI


Working method:
The presentation sets the stage for the ensuing workshop. The two presenters provide a broad overview of the topic by combining analytical elements with the sharing of personal experience.

Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia, Internet, OER, education, digital skills, Switzerland

In-depth workshop: Wikipedia in education (workshop)

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